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MADCAP commenced container transport solutions in 2007. Since then, the container transport side of the business has expanded significantly with MADCAP transporting import & export containers to a wide range of diverse customers.

The majority of the container transport work (estimated between 80 & 90%) is undertaken in & around metropolitan Brisbane, along with some regular runs, North to Gympie & West of the Toowoomba ranges & South along the East Coast of Australia going as far down as Byron Bay, other destinations are coming online in the near future.

The fleet is equipped with 20 Ft & 40 Ft side-lifter transporters. Our fleet is also complemented with our World First PBS Approved vehicle the (A-Trailer) that can carry new maximum weights on Queensland roads approved by the Queensland Department of Main Roads.

For a review of all your ongoing business transport solutions contact MADCAP & let us show you how we can be of service to you & your business.

To request a quote, be sure to contact us. View the Service Index page for a complete list of services offered.


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