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Royal Jelly

$72.16 (tax incl.)

Royal Jelly is a thick, milky food made from pollen and honey, collected and chewed by young worker honeybees, secreted from their natural food which contains vitamins A, B1,B2,B6,B12,D,E, Folic acid, Nicotinamide, Pantothenic acid, minerals and 17 kinds of Amino acids. Royal Jelly may increase energy endurance and stamina levels, it helps reduce stress by increasing resistance to disease, it helps maintain and enhance hair, nails and skin tone, promotes a general feeling of well being, helps arrest vascular disease, anaemia, arthritis and liver ailments. More Info »

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Vitamin E

Vitamin E

$23.10 (tax incl.)

Vitamin E helps extend the life span and is necessary for general good health. Platelets are elements of blood that play an important role in blood clotting and also in the development of cardio-vascular disease. Because Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant protecting the oils and fats with which it is associated in nature, against oxidation and the formation of free radicals, it helps to protect us from the unnecessary clumping of platelets and therefore, offers a degree of protection against cardio-vascular disease. Vitamin E is useful for rebuilding skin condition tissue which promotes healing. More Info »

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MADCAP Productions Cap

$43.95 (tax incl.)

100% of the profits received from the sale of these merchandising products goes directly into MADCAP’s development of Australian talent.

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Face Cream

Lanolin Face Cream with Vitamin E

$9.46 (tax incl.)

Face cream can be applied to all types of skin to nurture healthy growth. It may invigorate the skin and slow the process of ageing. It also helps to maintain the skins elasticity and prevents dehydration. Replenish your skins natural moisture balance with this light, non-greasy and easily absorbed moisturiser. More Info »

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Exfoliating Scrub

Lanolin Exfoliating Scrub with Vitamin E

$13.75 (tax incl.)

A gentle but effective facial scrub with natural Lanolin, Vitamin E and pure pearl shell powder. Assists in the removal of dead skin cells which promotes a healthy skin, reduces imperfections such as blackheads and stretch marks and maintains the elasticity of a younger complexion. More Info »

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Lanolin Shampoo & Conditioner

$7.15 (tax incl.)

Processed from pure sheep Lanolin to produce shampoo for all types of hair. Also conditions and protects the hair, leaving it soft and shiny. Prevents dryness, split ends and dandruff. Lanolin shampoo keeps hair healthy and glowing, preventing tangles and imparting an attractive appearance. More Info »

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Lanoshop Gift Box

Lanolin Gift Box Set

$37.95 (tax incl.)

Lanolin GiFT BOX SET Pamper yourself and indulge in the sensuality with the Lanoshop Gift Set. More Info »

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Gel With Aloe Vera

Lanolin GEL with Aloe Vera

$11.44 (tax incl.)

Aloe Vera has been liberally blended with Lanolin Oil to produce a gel which promotes a feeling of silky smoothness and natural tightening of the skin, resulting in a feeling of well-being. The Gel prevents dehydration and improve the sebaceous secretion and cleans the hair pores as well. After using lanolin Gel with Aloe Vera, it is guaranteed that your skin will feel softer and retain its youthful condition. More Info »

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Skin Tightening Toner

Lanolin Skin Tightening Toner with Vitamin E

$15.95 (tax incl.)

A revitalising toner with pure Lanolin and nutritious vitamin E that will reduce excess skin oil, clean and tighten skin pores to maintain moisture levels, gently invigorates the skin and maintains a neutral Ph balance. More Info »

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Ginko Biloba

Ginko Biloba

$28.60 (tax incl.)

Gingko was discovered in China in the mid-1700s having lived on Earth for over 150 million years, Gingkos leaves contain a variety of compounds that have many favourable effects. The unique components called gingkolides work by preventing constriction of blood vessels, reducing the clotting ability of platelets in circulation, and Ginkgo biloba can help symptoms of cerebral insufficiency by opening up small blood vessels and treating dementia and Alzheimers disease. More Info »

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Oil with Vit E

Lanolin Oil with Vitamin E and Parrafin

$9.46 (tax incl.)

Lanolin Oil is delicate on the skin, all natural product extracted from the wool of Australian sheep for over 100 years to soften and beautify ladies skin without greasiness. It helps to revitalise wounded or rough and cracked skin. Lanolin oil contains essential fatty acids which are absorbed rapidly by the skin cells and has the potential to resist dehydration, allowing the skin to retain a young, glowing condition. Lanolin oil is particularly useful for preventing or lessening stretch marks during and after pregnancy. More Info »

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Evening Primrose

Evening Primrose Oil

$23.65 (tax incl.)

Evening Primrose Oil is a rejuvenative tonic for both men and women, imparting feeling of well being and general good health. It contains a rare substance known as gramma- linolenic acid, (GLA). GLA is necessary for the production of prostaglandins, hormone like compounds that control the way we feel, and regulate the health of every organ. Evening Primrose Oil may be especially useful to women, by relieving pre-menstrual symptoms such as pain, depression, irritability and bloating. It can also be useful for some skin problems such as eczema and in maintaining the health of the skin and nails. Evening Primrose Oil is also believed to be of particular value to the glands and the health of the arteries and heart. More Info »

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Squalene Oil

$17.82 (tax incl.)

Squalene Oil is a natural poly-unsaturated hydrocarbon liquid found in large quantities in the deep-sea sharks liver oil. If taken continuously, squalene oil may be beneficial for people with, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, hepatitis, gastritis, joint pain and inflammation. It may help lung and breathing functions, plus circulatory and skeletal systems. Squalene also has preventative effects against carcinogenesis, enhancing the body's immune system, in fighting cancer by diminishing the harmful side-effects following radiation therapy. More Info »

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Lanolin Wrinkle Cream with Vitamin E & Collagen

$18.70 (tax incl.)

Continuously works against the formation of wrinkles. Promotes cytoplasmic activity also regenerates the biochemical balance of the skin. Rebuilds delicate skin tissue and helps new cells to regenerate, regaining elasticity and radiance. More Info »

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Body Cleanser

Lanolin Body Cleanser GEL Vitamin E

$11.00 (tax incl.)

Cleanses skin thoroughly and places a protective coating to provide a barrier against invasion by harmful factors. After use the skin will regain its elasticity and smoothness without any feelings of tightness. Lanolin Body Cleanser feels soft to the touch and when mixed with water, the effervescence not only will cause extra cleanliness but will give added protection to the skin, making feel radiant and invigorated. More Info »

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Skin Make-Up Toner

Lanolin Pre Make-up Toner with Vitamin E

$15.95 (tax incl.)

An invigorating toner with the added benefits of natural Lanolin and vitamin E. Absorbed rapidly into skin cells to help maintain the skins moisture balance promoting a soft and fresh complexion. An ideal pre-make up application to enhance the natural and long lasting effectiveness of make-up. More Info »

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Propolis Soft Gel

Propolis Soft Gel

$28.60 (tax incl.)

Propolis 1000 softgel capsule is a natural antioxidant rich in flavonoids, amino acids and caffeine acid. Encapsulated in a base of natural vitamin E, lecithin, beeswax, vegetable oil, soya oil, gelatin and glycerol. Propolis (free radical quenches) is traditionally used for the maintenance of general well being, effective in treating sore lips and gums, blemishes, bruises, burns, sore throats, nasal congestion, respiratory distress, broken bones. It aids in better physical strength, treats colds and related ailments and assists in skin healing. More Info »

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Goats Milk Tablets

$8.80 - $9.35 (tax incl.)

Goats milk is a health builder for young and old alike. It is one of the great things to sweeten the Intestinal Tract and get rid of constipation. Goats mild digests in twenty minutes, while it takes two hours for cows milk to digest. Goats milk compares in chemical balance to mothers milk. It is alkaline in reaction because of its high sodium, potassium and calcium content. More Info »

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$13.20 (tax incl.)

Lecithin is commonly derived from soya bean and helps control and utilise cholesterol in the blood stream by breaking it into small particles for absorption by the tissues.It helps minimise hardening of the arteries and associated problems by preventing fatty accumulations in artery walls. Research indicates it may be useful in the treatment of high cholesterol, disease of the circulatory system, gall stones, liver cirrhosis and blood clotting disorders. More Info »

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Lotion with Vit E

Lanolin Lotion with Vitamin E

$9.46 (tax incl.)

Lanolin lotion sits like a transparent coating on top of the skin to protect against harmful influences. It also keeps the skin moist, soft and young, giving it a smooth feeling, especially around the elbows, knees and hands which are more sensitive to dryness and cracking. More Info »

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