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MADCAP Music News

NEWS: Legendary KISS drummer Peter Criss Bids Farewell

Shout Out Loud Events have this week announced founding member and original drummer for KISS, Peter ‘The Catman’ Criss is coming to Australia for his final live performances ever.

Peter brings his ‘One Last Time’ dinner show to The Sofitel in Melbourne this May, and will also be appearing at the Australian KISS Konvention for an exclusive photo and signing session.

‘One Last Time’ will be Peter’s second-to-last live performance ever, with his final show happening in New York City in July. The intimate live performance features Peter backed by guitarist Mike McLaughlin and Sisters Doll, while guests enjoy a three-course sit-down dinner with drinks.

This is your last chance to meet a living piece of KISStory and say goodbye to a rock legend.

Peter Criss ‘One Last Time’ is on at The Sofitel in Melbourne on 12 May.

The Australian KISS Konvention is on at Wick Studios in Melbourne on 13-14 May.   

NEWS: MADCAP Records Seeks New Talent!

PRESS RELEASE: Friday 24 February, 2017

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MADCAP Records Australia is pleased to announce that we are currently expanding our online catalogue of downloadable music, and we’re looking for artists to join the MADCAP crew. We offer an independent platform for artists to promote and sell their music to the world.

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NEWS: Ollie Teeba To Play Funk & Soul Weekender, UK

4 February 2017



MADCAP Global Entertaiment and MADCAP Records Australia are delighted to announce legendary UK producer, beatmaker and MADCAP alum Ollie Teeba, along his band The Herbaliser, will be performing at The Soundcrash Funk & Soul Weekender taking place at Camber Sands in East Sussex, 12-15 May.

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Live Review: ‘At Last – The Etta James Story’ QPAC, 19 Nov.


Either Etta James has come back to life or Vika Bull is just that damn good.

That’s the only sane conclusion I could come to after seeing her in ‘At Last – The Etta James Story’ at QPAC on Saturday night (19 Nov). Dressed in simple black and backed by the seven-piece Essential R&B Band, Vika belted out two hours of classic Etta in a touching and respectful tribute to the late soul legend.

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WATCH: MADCAP TV interviews Vika Bull on the set of ‘At Last – The Etta James Story’


Artist Interview: Vika Bull ‘At Last – The Etta James Story’

Vika Bull - At Last

Few artists will ever leave a legacy like that of soul and blues legend Etta James. ‘At Last – The Etta James Story’ is a musical tribute to an artist who didn’t just sing the blues, she lived them.

Australian singer Vika Bull takes on the titular role for the production which recounts Etta’s troubled yet incredible life story through her music.

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Album Review: Demon Tea Recordings ‘Oozie Goodness – The Eye Opening Elixir’


Demon Tea Recordings prove yet again why they are the ultimate in subversive, mind-expanding electronic music.

‘Oozie Goodness – The Eye Opening Elixir ’ is a collection of goa, break and psy trance that lives up to both the album’s name, and Demon Tea’s reputation.

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DJ Soup – An Endless Passion


After some fifteen years apart, two legends of Aussie hip hop reunite for a decade-shattering collaboration.

In 2001, John Blake aka DJ Soup joined forces with Sleek The Elite to produce the rapper’s genre-defining debut record, ‘Sleekism’. Now, the pair has teamed up once more to produce Sleek’s sophomore album, signalling the return of one of Australia’s most iconic and elusive hip hop artists.

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Album review: Fonke Knomaads: ‘Cleopatra’s Bath Milk’


The long-awaited, full-length debut album from Aussie hip hop pioneers, Fonke Knomaads does little to disappoint.

Released in 2008, ‘Cleopatra’s Bath Milk’ represents the first work undertaken by duo, MC John TeOp Riley and John ‘DJ Soup’ Blake as Fonke Knomaads since they parted ways in the mid-90s. It is a record exuding all the best qualities of the pair: Riley’s poignant, homespun lyrics are underpinned by Soup’s mastery of beats and samples, resulting in an audio feast for the ears.

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Fonke Knomaads: In Hip Hop We Trust

For years, John TeOp Riley struggled to reconcile his creative passion for hip hop with his deep, yet often-conflicting, Christian beliefs.

As lyricist and MC for Fonke Knomaads, Riley, along with John ‘DJ Soup’ Blake, blazed a pioneering trail for Aussie hip hop in the early 90s. Combining Soup’s skilfully crafted loops with Riley’s homespun street poetry, the duo helped birth the new sound of hip hop with a distinctly Australian flavour.

Yet despite their chemistry and long-time friendship, Riley soon left the group before they could record a full-length album. As a devout Christian, Riley at the time felt hip hop culture was incongruous with his faith, leading to a long hiatus from music and the industry as a whole.

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DJ Soup – ‘Souperloops’


Feeling blue? Under the weather? Sounds like you could use a nice, hot bowl of soup…DJ Soup that is. Take fresh samples, combine with phat, earthy beats and a handful of funk, and mmm-mmm electric hip hop never tasted so good. DJ Soup’s debut album is the perfect remedy for the tasteless, lacklustre musical recipes you’ve been forced to endure whilst craving something more substantial. A Triple J album of the week ‘Souperloops’ is no mere entree’ – it’s a full three-course meal, packed with delicious tunes that will tickle the tastebuds of even the most discerning connoisseur. Consume with care though, this isn’t your mama’s chicken soup: this is DJ Soup and the bowl is very hot!

DJ Soup – ‘From Anuva Planet’


DJ Soup returns for another piping hot serve of his delicious electronic hip hop, created with love and care in his sonic kitchen. This album sees the Australian DJ and producer create more layered soundscapes with a mix of sampling and original beats, resulting in a record that is more than just a collection of well-crafted songs. ‘From Anuva Planet’ is a voyage into the creative wellspring of a truly innovative practitioner of audio manipulation. Enjoyed with friends or on your own, the music of DJ Soup is the perfect accompaniment for all occasions.

Ollie Teeba: Order Up!


By: Matt Innes

After 20 years creating visionary, jazz- and funk-infused hip hop with groups such as The Herbaliser and Soundsci, English DJ/producer Ollie Teeba released his first solo album, ‘Short Order’ in 2015.

Speaking from his home in the UK, Ollie explains how the record encapsulates what is considered by many to be the golden age of hip hop.

“Obviously it’s a record that’s not for everyone; it’s for guys or girls who are into hip hop, but a particular era of hip hop,” he says. “It very much harks back to that classic ‘90s sound, without being too stuck.

“What it’s really about is me and Jonny Cuba (of Soundsci), we’re just trying to keep the sampling art alive because it’s an endangered species to some extent.”

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Sleek The Elite Hits Back









By: Matt Innes

In 1997, Sleek The Elite left an indelible mark on the world of hip hop at large when he released the venomous ‘Sleekism’, a debut album that was as skilfully crafted and produced as it was controversial.

Some 18 years on and with just one release to his name, Sleek remains an iconic cult legend in the intricately-woven fabric of Australian music culture. “I’m overwhelmed by some people’s response,” he says. “I’ll get the odd person saying ‘Sleekism’s classic’ and it was one of the first albums they bought or fell in love with.”

Now, Sleek is positioning himself for a glorious return to music, collaborating with national and international artists, as well as hooking back up with long-time friend and producer, DJ Soup to work on material for a new album.

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Katching Up With Resin Dogs


By: Matt Innes

 Resin Dogs have been a proud staple of the local and national music scene since releasing their ground-breaking debut album, ‘Grand Theft Audio’ fifteen years ago.

 Combining sampled beats with live instrumentation and vocals, ‘Grand Theft Audio’ epitomised the burgeoning Brisbane hip hop scene and is considered a seminal record. For Resin Dogs core member and turntable maestro, DJ Katch aka Andrew Garvie the album conjures more mixed emotions.

“I don’t really look at it like that,” he says. “To me, going back and listening to that record gives us a bit of a cringe factor because of the way we recorded it. There wasn’t laptops where you could have 48 or 96k sound through an interface; we were using 1MB floppy disks, maybe a sampler with 12 seconds.

“Back then we did a lot more chopping and there’s definitely a lot of ground-breaking stuff that went into putting that record together, but it wasn’t as obvious to a lot of people. Being sample-based music and then recreated as a band; there wasn’t too much of that happening, not that I saw and especially in my travels.”

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Springtime For The Daisycutters

The Daisycutters

By: Matt Innes

The national rock scene was set alight when Gold Coast pop-rock sensations, The Daisycutters exploded in the late ‘90s, bringing with them an extensive catalogue of some of the most hummable tunes ever recorded.

With pop-rock sounds, a punk attitude and an adept storytelling style, The Daisycutters toured relentlessly on the back of singles ‘Sick Day’ and ‘Kiss Me Stupid’. More recently, the band’s members have been focussed on raising their respective families, but guitarist and vocalist Cameron Wilson says the band is still alive and well.

“We still get together to rehearse and write the odd piece of music here and there, but we’re on a bit of a hiatus at the moment; just waiting for inspiration to strike and I’m sure we’ll record something again at some point.”

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