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Imported Products


With MADCAP Imported Products, we have a diverse range of quality assured imported and exportable commodities. These products are also available to be sold to customers within the Australian domestic market. 

Note: If you are looking for a particular product or products and do not see them listed, please contact us here.

Granular Urea: Photo {Click} to see PDF product specifications. Nitrogen 46.0 pct min
Biuret 01.0 pct max
Moisture 00.5 pct max
Granulometery: min 90 pct between 2-4 mm
Granular free flowing, free from harmful substances coated & treated to prevent caking.
granular urea
Rock Phosphate: P205 @30% & or 31% Photo {Click} to see PDF product specifications. All commodities are imported & come with {Aqis} approval. Products can be dispatched in loose bulk and are available from our Brisbane warehouse. Products can be ordered in loose bulk or in 25 Kg bags or in one tonne bulk bags. Should you require a quotation click on the link to be directed to our quotation request form or simply call for a quote. rock phosphate
Industrial Plastic Based Commodities. FIBC Bulk Bags, Wpp Bags, BOPP Bags, Film Plastic Bags, Continuous Roll {LLDP LDPE & HDPE} Printed or Plain Product available. bulk bags
Textile & Geo Textile Fabric Commodities. MADCAP is well positioned to meet your businesses ongoing continuous bag on roll supply or bags sold by the bale. With over ten years experience, MADCAP has been supplying packaging products & other disposable plastic based products into the, Australian market place & is well positioned to meet your ongoing business requirements. With over ten years industry experience combined with our international trading relationships Established directly with our major suppliers / manufacturers for the various product types presented. MADCAP is able to supply directly into the, Australian market cost effectively. MADCAP develops & supplies major manufactures within, Australia that require custom manufactured products made specifically for our customer’s exact requirements. Product can also be developed on an, R&D basis, in order to develop the right product to perform the right job. Product Range Includes:*Products can be printed or plain*FIBC’s Tonn Bags. Sold by the pallet. PhotoWpp Bags. Sold 1000 bags per bale. PhotoBOPP Bags. Sold 1000 bags per bale. Photo

Poly Mesh. Sold on roll or by bag. Photo

Geo Fabric. Sold on roll. Photo

Jute & Hessian. Sold on roll or bag. Photo

Weed Mat. Sold on roll. Photo

Scaffold Netting. Sold on roll. Photo

Tarp E Shade Cloth. Sold on roll. Photo

Equivalent Canvacon 5000. Sold on roll. Photo

jute bagshessian bag
Industrial Mineral Products:Ilmenite Cruzor: This is a fine grade abrasive best suited for cleaning new steel.
This product is available in the one particle size. Ilmenite Ferrochrome:
This is a fine grade abrasive best suited for cleaning new steel.
This product is only available in the one particle size. Garnet: This is an all-purpose abrasive suitable for most blast cleaning jobs.
The product is generally recyclable.Garnet is available in various sizes ranging from 80 Mesh to 12 /24 mesh. It is used in the Sand Blasting Industry. One of a number of products we can supply Nationally. This image is of product sold as (A) Grade product it is (12) micron fine for highly finishing steel or plate surfaces.Crushed Glass:Crushed Glass is available in various sizes from micro fine to 1.5. 1.5 can be seen on this page. This product is available in bulk bags only.View our Service Index for a complete list of services offered.
ilmenitegarnetcrushed glass

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